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Friday, March 11, 2005

12 votes

Ric Lewis '84 ran for Alumni Trustee for two years ago -- but in his email to the Alumni Body, he states why he is running again:

"I agreed to stand election again because I feel I have witnessed a growing divide between too many of us with whom I am contact regularly and the College and its leadership."

This divide has been growing for over two years. Rick also states why every vote counts:

"While the actual results were not published in detail, I want those of us that supported my candidacy in that election to know that I lost that election by a handful of votes! In fact, I was told it was only 12 votes."

Close, indeed. Hopefully the upcoming election will not be reduced to recounts! The core of Ric's statement is this:

"I want to stem the feeling of disenfranchisement experienced by too many of our alumni and stop the fracturing of alumni support, monetary and otherwise, for the College. It is clear that there's a well-crafted plan for the future of the College but too many of have felt that we don't know its specifics and have not had a role in crafting that vision or plan. I don't see many justifiable reasons for this since we're asked to provide the bulk of the funding to make it happen."

"Well-crafted" may be a stretch, but at least Ric recognizes the lack of transparency and the frustration of alumni who are always asked to foot the bill for initiatives whose details are only begrudgingly revealed to them.