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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Alumni Support

We here at Voices are trying to provide the clearest picture of Dartmouth's true state right now as possible. Right now that picture is as clear as mud. To that end, we are looking for as many concrete numbers regarding Dartmouth's financial and alumni giving pictures as possible, and welcome any and all sources.

The current trustee election revolves around one central factor, and that is alumni representation. Because most alums are busy living the lives Dartmouth so well prepared them to lead, they have little time to pay attention to daily happenings in Hanover, and even less time to oversee administrative minutia. Therefore, as the saying goes, they most often speak with their wallets. A good measure, then, is the percentage participation in the Dartmouth College Fund, which should reflect general alumni sentiment. A strong organization, as Alumni for a Strong Dartmouth and the current administration claim Dartmouth is today, would tend to exhibit healthy giving, one would think.

Unfortunately, as far as we know, the college does not provide overall giving statistics except in absolute dollars, which tends to be a misleading statistic. (Our post below illustrates that to some degree, as in absolute dollars, it's difficult to tell where exactly Dartmouth falls. Who really is its peer group?) So, we went to the trouble of assembling the yearly data by averaging each class's data, which is available here. Now that we're completely cross-eyed and crippled with carpal tunnel, here's what it looks like:

Does this look like the picture of a strong organization to you? Posted by Hello