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Friday, March 11, 2005

An election with "no effort to garner votes"

Since the parameters of "campaigning" and "electioneering" in the Trustee Election are being closely monitored these days, here is the Dartmouth policy, word for word. My question is, can this policy be fairly enforced, and is it a restriction on freedom of speech?

You can decide for yourselves:


"All candidates will be allowed to send out two emails to the alumni body during the election. The emails will be subject to the review and approval of the Balloting Committee. The Association of Alumni will be responsible for distributing the emails. Campaigning by the candidate or his/her supporters beyond the two emails is inappropriate. Campaigning is defined as any effort to garner votes and may take the form of written, electronic or telephone communications. It is the responsibility of the candidate to communicate the dignity of the trustee nomination process to his or her supporters and to honor the spirit and the guidelines of the process. All candidates are expected to take reasonable steps to discourage their supporters from campaigning on their behalf. Candidates who in the judgment of the Balloting Committee violate this expectation may be identified as having done so in the material which accompanies the ballots as well as other public venues, such as the alumni website on the internet. In addition, the Balloting Committee may notify the Board of Trustees of the violation, and the Board may choose to take this information into consideration when acting on the alumni trustee nomination."