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Friday, March 11, 2005

Freedom of Speech

This year, trustee candidates are permitted to send up to two emails to the alumni body to communicate their "individual perspectives on different issues pertaining to the trustee elections."

According the College, the emails "have not been edited by the College or the Balloting Committee of the Association of Alumni. While the Committee may contact candidates to discuss any concerns it may have about the accuracy of the text of the email, the candidates have the final decision as to the content of their messages."

However, Dartblog is reporting that the proposed email of a petition candidate was rejected because the administration did not agree with a news source that he cited. In its rejection, the College said that it "did have a serious concern with one paragraph of your email, dealing with the discussion regarding the announcement of the Student Life Initiative and the article in the Dartmouth to which you made several references." This email can be read in full here.