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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

The Lay of the Land

As most interested parties are aware, there have been many developments regarding Dartmouth's administration recently. The firing of John Lyons and subsequent surfacing of Karl Furstenberg's letter and the ongoing trustee elections are the most poignant examples. Many comments have been made to this point, at sites far more eloquent than this.

The controversy regarding John Lyons and Dean Furstenberg has been covered ably by Bill Wellstead '63 here. We would encourage, for those interested, a thorough perusing of his site, there are many salient bits and opinions buried a month or so ago.

Regarding the trustee election, there have been many who have opined, most notably Free Dartmouth (the blog of the Free Press, a liberal student newspaper), Dartlog (the blog of the Dartmouth Review) and at Dartblog (a general topic blog run by an '08). In keeping with the spirit of these elections, this site takes no active position supporting or detracting from any candidate in those elections. It should be noted that another site, Alumni for a Strong Dartmouth, has done just that, staking out a position in favor of the four candidates nominated by the current powers that be, namely Sheila Cheston '81, Gregg Engles '79, Ric Lewis '84 and Curtis Welling '77. The other two candidates, both nominated by petition, are Todd Zywicki '88 and Peter Robinson '79. Cadidate statements and electronic voting are available here, and you can also e-mail the candidates if you have a real desire to fill your inbox with mountains of politically correct college administrative goobledygook and gelatinous, gratuitous generallities. For a more definitive take on their positions, check out the above links and stay tuned to this site.

As we at this site are a little late to the party, we won't attempt to rehash the last few months in too much detail, but will pick up the debate where it stands today, while also attempting to reach deeper into the history of the past few decades to lay out some broader context. Once again, any and all memories (no matter how hazy or soggy) and opinions (diatribes included) are welcome. And now, on with the show...