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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Of Libraries and Swim Teams...

Many will recall the fiasco not too long ago where the administration proposed pulling the plug on the swim team, while concurrently making dean-level positions for just about everyone, including the Alpha Delta fraternity dog Jake. Many will also recall that this was the time period in which the hours of Sanborn library were being cut back (even closing the library at times), making it very difficult for a student to find a place for their restorative 3PM nap, or get milk and cookies without walking to Phi Tau. It's not clear to us exactly how much money was saved by the cutting of the few salary-hours of librarian time at Sanborn, thus we are trying to dig further into Dartmouth finances to get a grasp of just what, exactly, are Dartmouth's priorities, which would be evidenced by their budget proposals and allocations. Luckily, we are not the only ones who have begun such a search. We thought it would be useful to link to an article (here) which describes the quest of a lone professor, and a few interested parties who are not college employees, to find out just where all the dough was going. We will keep digging, and as soon as we can get Jake to lay out the fiscal 2005 projections, we will report back. Is it bad that we think that we will have an easier time getting said facts out of a golden retriever than out of Parkhurst? More to come.