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Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Op-ed / Article Recap

Spring term at Dartmouth has sprung, and as The D takes up publication after its spring break hiatus, we have been treated to some more savory pieces on the Trustee Election in its pages.

On yesterday's op-ed page, Jordan Frank '94 makes the case that the website Alumni for a Strong Dartmouth (ADS) flagrantly violates the ban on electioneering, and calls for election reform.

In today's issue, there is a clueless article about the election in which the Dartmouth establishment claims that Alumni for a Strong Dartmouth's website is protected by "freedom of speech."

This selectively-applied interpretation of freedom of speech -- exemplified by ADS -- is what this election is all about!

Other quotes of note include:

"Last year's trustee election faced similar third-party campaigning issues, said Walters. This year, the campaign guidelines have been expanded to permit each candidate to send up to two e-mails to the alumni body during the six-week campaign period to combat the circulation of misinformation and third-party campaigning characteristic of the election last year. "

This allegation is news to me -- and retroactively undermining T.J. Rodgers's victory only serves to show how much the establishment hated losing that one.

For relief, there is a column by Joseph Asch, who nails the crises of overcrowding and inadequate housing at Dartmouth. As he puts it, "Whether our problems are reflections of national trends or simply local, the College is in a position to be a leader in confronting the challenges that it faces. We need innovation and progress, not drift and self-justification."

It's true -- the self-justification of underperformance must end.