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Thursday, March 17, 2005

Out in the Open

Removing any and all pretense of subtlety (or decorum), the Alumni for a Strong Dartmouth site has revised it's lead page, and now explicity endorses the Alumni Council (and hence, college) slate of candidates, and further disparages the petition cadidates. Also, the language in their 'Issues' section has been revised to prop up administrative claims and pillory Robinson and Zywicki wherever possible. How this is not a clear and flagrant violation of election rules is beyond us. One half expects a bus load of former council members and trustees to pile out onto the green chanting "hell no, we won't go." This effort is as transparent as it is disturbing.

It bears repeating that this site does NOT endorse any candidate or slate. We do, however, fully support open governance at Dartmouth, which means transparency in Dartmouth finance and hiring, a vote for every alum in every Alumni Trustee election, and honesty from the college in stating its goals. Otherwise, you can't have our money so don't ask.