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Friday, March 11, 2005

A Reader Comments

After reading Trustee candidate Ric Lewis 84's assertion that he lost the previous Trustee Election by just 12 votes, a Dartmouth '99 has written in with the following question:

"When Ric Lewis comments that he lost by only 12 votes, I want to know where he got this information, since when I
called Blunt to ask about TJ Rodgers's margin of victory at the close of the last election, they said that information was only available to the Balloting Committee -- do you know if that was a lie or misinformation?"

Does anyone have the answer? Recently, when I asked several Alumni Council members about TJ Rodgers's majority vote in a four-way election, they immediately corrected me and noted that the actual results are never revealed and no one can know if it was a "majority." (Still, it's not hard to imagine that TJ won rather handily). Even though we'll never know by how much TJ won, someone saw fit to tell Rick exactly by how much he had lost.