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Friday, March 18, 2005

What Is it About "Level Playing Field" That They Don't Understand?

From Dennis DiMuzio '71, via Powerline:

"I just got my "Memorandum" for the classes ’71 and ’72 today, March 17th. From James A. Fitzpatrick, Jr. ’71: 'The Alumni Council approved an impressive slate of nominees for election to the Board of Trustees, as presented by the Nominating Committee. …All are extremely well qualified.'

Neither Pete Robinson nor Todd Zywicki was mentioned. This memorandum is supposed to be a summary of the Alumni Council’s winter meeting—December 2-4. But 3 ½ months after the meeting I’m getting a heads up on a slate that was updated substantially one month ago? This stuff was printed on a word processor. And under the auspices of the Office of Alumni Relations at Dartmouth College. This wasn’t enough time to give me the complete slate? Basta!"