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Wednesday, March 09, 2005

Who Cares?

It's a good question. You've graduated. Why bother to follow events at Dartmouth? Why bother to learn more about the governance of your alma mater, when your college years are behind you?

For one thing, you are probably still paying your student loans. Maybe you have finished paying your loans and are still recovering from how much money you spent. Or, maybe you got a real job after graduation and have not only finished paying your student loans, but have even made a donation to the College. Are you interested to know how that money is being used? Do you care if it is invested judiciously? Would you care if your money did not go to education, or to the improvement of student life, but to administrative bureaucracy?

You have made personal and financial sacrifices for Dartmouth. What say do you have in its future? What rights do you have as a donor?

Do you think that your views are in the minority? Don't be so sure. Don't be silent anymore. The discussion has begun.