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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Why It's Not a Frat Thing

In a post on FreeDartmouth.com, Dartmouth's progressive/liberal voice on campus, author Tim Waligore writes, "Now, if the case for the petitioner candidates has a general appeal and it also has an appeal about frats or 'conservatism' that I disagree with, I (or other liberal alums like me) could be willing to overlook that. Specifically saying a person is not acceptable is somewhat larger gap. But if the entire case for the candidate seems to revolve around issues I disagree with, then what do I to have to vote for?"

Because the overarching issue of these election is about freedom of speech, the appeal of the petition candidates transcends traditional Greek-affiliated and political lines. A vote FOR a petition candidate is not a vote for narrow issues such as "frats" and "conservatism." There's more.

In candid and eloquent interviews via webvideo, the petition candidates discuss the freedom of speech issue and make appealing arguments for themselves here (Robinson) and here (Zywicki). The videos and statements of other trustee candidates can be viewed here.