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Monday, April 11, 2005

Are Coaches to Blame?

From the Dartmouth Athletics Blog: James Wright blames coaches for Dartmouth's suboptimal athletic performance. Here is the report:


Report on Jim Wright's talk to the Sarasota Alumni Club - 3/16/05

Jim and Susan Wright visited Sarasota on their way to their timeshare on Captiva Island for a well-deserved vacation away from the snow still on the Hanover Plain. [...]

He mentioned, of course, all the new facilities and the ones that are being planned, including renovations to Memorial and Rolfe Fields to help both football and baseball. He reiterated the new success we are having with women's BB and Hockey and men's BB under Terry Dunn, plus soccer last fall and the ski team this year.

I asked him a question I sent to his office 2 weeks ago, why with all these improvements were we still tied for 6th (or 7th) in the League when considering all 30 of our Ivy sports teams. He felt that coaching was a big cause [ed. - !!] and when the rest of the facilities get done (including the major renovation of Alumni Gym) that we would do even better. He also said he wasn't privy to my numbers in figuring our 6th place finish. The Ivy League doesn't keep score the way I figured it. In fact, the League keeps no across-the-board rankings (as I produced) at the direction of the Presidents of the Schools. No one wants any competition between schools. Please read Brad Parks's article in the last Dartmouth Alumni Magazine, Page 24-5. He used to keep score this way when he was editor of Dartmouth Sports Today.

Facilities and coaching are only part of the picture, and once these are in place, they have to be leveraged to recruit top scholar-athletes. The College has demonstrated a major priority deficit in the latter.