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Wednesday, April 27, 2005

Dartmouth Hires 'Sustainability Director'


We know, they hired a what?!?

Maybe we're missing something, but in this era of oversubscribed classes, cuts to library and athletic budgets, and a general lack of spare dough, it seems like the college's priorities are a little out of whack when the substance of the "sustainability director's" responsiblities will basically consist of coordinating recycling efforts. He couldn't find work with BFI? We'd be shocked by this except it's so in keeping with current mindsets in Hanover that it's actually par for the course.

Joking aside, we agree that enivornmentalism is, most definitely, a worthy pursuit in many cases. However, there is absolutely no evidence in this case that Dartmouth would be unable, with its burgeoning ranks of 30+ deans, to take on the tasks that the new sustainability director will have, without spending more money on a new administrator. Seriously folks, this is ridiculous.