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Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Provoking the Provost

There is an excellent op-ed piece in the Daily D today, written by one Kenan Yount, a member of the class of 2006. The whole essay is invaluable, but the following passage is of particular note:

"I agree with the Provost that the vast majority of Dartmouth students and faculty enjoy their experience here; however, we do so in spite of the problems referenced above and in previous editorials -- specifically those of course oversubscription, housing shortages, and overcrowded athletic facilities. After all, shouldn't Dartmouth's primary concerns be aimed at educating its students in a personal setting, providing a superior residential life, and promoting the health of its students? Where were these guiding principles when the administration chose its own aggrandizement over saving popular interdisciplinary offerings, libraries, athletic teams, and more effectively reducing class sizes?"

Indeed. Mr. Provost, what say you sir?